General Submission Guidelines

Hey Stylists! Shining Nikki fan art collection is starting now! 

Come and share your own stories about Nikki's adventure!

You may submit your artwork to Momo via email. Your artwork can be drawings, cosplay photos, or handcrafts. Momo will pick his favorites and share them with all stylists in our community! Excellent pieces might also be recommended and presented on our front page.

If your artwork gets picked, you will receive an email and a pink gem gift package from Momo. Your work might even be featured on our official Facebook page and Twitter (of course we will credit you for the amazing work!)

Email Address:

Submission Format: 

Title: #Shining Nikki# Title of your work-Your name-Your player ID

Content: In your email, please note the names of the characters your work has included. 

*Note: This page is only for general submission. For event submission, please refer to the 'Event' page and check out the submission format for specific events. 

Important Notices:

1. Do not include anything inappropriate or offensive in your artwork, including but not limited to contents that are anti-social, political, violent, or pornographic. 

2. Please create original work. Do not copy from others. 

3. Your work has to be related to the Shining Nikki game. Anything off-topic will not be chosen. 

4. Only submit finished work. Creating series is not allowed in this community. 

5. If you are submitting a picture, make sure it is no larger than 10M. Also, we suggest that artists submit completed work rather than drafts. 

6. Please make sure to give your name to Momo. Artworks without the name of their author will not be posted. 

7. One person can only receive a maximum of 5 pink gem gift packages from Momo each month.